About Tell 'n' ShowSM

The Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint is empowering audiences around the world to change the way presentations are written, designed, and delivered. A person who is going to a presentation downloads the invitation at www.tellnshow.com. Then, if appropriate, he or she gives that invitation to the presenter. The invitation has the URL to download a free white paper, "From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell 'n' ShowSM Method." The white paper is a mini-course in effective presentation skills.

"The thing I appreciated about your paper was that you cut through so much of the information in books and simplified it in a very usable way. I loved the freedom of managing the information from a single image. The pressure of covering a content slide was off—especially when the handout gave the learners the information." -Joyce Batty

Tell 'n' ShowSM is a method of presentation that accomplishes your goals for effective communication:

  • Meaningful, well-organized content
  • Impactful design that the audience understands and remembers
  • Delivery that connects with the audience

The Tell n Show SM method was developed by Ellen Finkelstein, a recognized expert in PowerPoint and presenting. Ellen is the author of several books on the subject. She has also written articles for Presentations magazine, Inside PowerPoint, and more. She offers seminars, webinars, and training that help people improve their presentation skills. For more information about her and her presentation workshops/books, visit www.EllenFinkelstein.com.